Thursday, January 3, 2019

The Superior Dollar Goes So Much Further

Your typical bar tab at the Anchor.

Breakfast at the Minneapolis cafe nearest my home there.
"I've never made as much money in Superior as I did in Minneapolis.  But in Superior I never felt poor and in Minneapolis I never felt like I was doing well," said a friend of mine before I moved here.  And while not everything is cheaper here, that dynamic is generally true.

The first photo is from a night out at the Anchor, and in Minneapolis any one of those things - a burger, a 34-ounce beer, or a double shot of Bushmill's - would easily run $13.50.  The local diner nearest my longtime north Minneapolis abode will run $16 before a tip for breakfast and a coffee.  Three blocks from my Superior home, Pizza Man has $5 breakfasts from Monday through Thursday. You can get steak and eggs for a fiver (MUCH BETTER steak and eggs than you'd think five bucks would bring) and that includes a bottomless cup of joe.

In fact, most restaurants around seem to have deals on various nights.  Grizzly's has two-for-one burgers on occasion, so even though you won't get Anchor prices there, you can bring a friend and time it right to get the same effect.  Keyport has incredibly cheap tacos on Monday night (my trivia team there consistently places a proud second).  If one put these deals from bars and restaurants on a calendar, you could strategically eat and drink on the cheap on virtually every day of the month.

Here is my unofficial tally of what's generally cheaper and what is sometimes more expensive in Suptown vs. Minneapolis, with a bit of a culture shock at the end about one area that is so much better here...